Revolutionizing the way you receive + love your tans

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Revolutionizing the way you receive + love your tans

Holly Garcia

Hey everyone! My name is Holly and I am originally from Southern California. I moved to GA almost 8 years ago and I am now married with 3 children and live in Brooklet, GA. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist but currently working as a stay at home mom. I am an extreme extrovert and love talking to and meeting new people – which is one of the many reasons I know I’ll enjoy spray tanning clients so much! I was introduced to BeetTan by one of my dearest friends who mentioned the idea of opening up a business from home because she knew how badly I wanted to go back to work but also needed to stay home so I could make sure my little ones were taken care of while my husband was at work. Trust me when I say that it only took her telling me ONE time about it and I was swiping my credit card and ready to start my business. If you’re anything like me and can’t stand being pale, especially in the winter, or you’re pregnant but refuse to get a spray tan because you don’t want to turn orange or do anything that could harm your baby….. then BeetTan is the way to go! There’s no weird smell, no orange undertone, and no breakouts from chemicals! That to me is EVERYTHING!
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BeetTan by Holly is a natural sunless tanning company offering spray tans and sunless tanning products. We use Beettan, a plant-based sunless tanning solution powered by the most beautiful of root vegetables, the beet. The sugar from the beet extract reacts with your skin to bring out the color your skin would naturally tan in the sun.

Combined with other enriching natural ingredients, our DHA beet extract infuses the top 10-12 layers of your skin and activates your natural color. The result is a bronzed, healthy glow without the harmful side effects!

“I love Beettan. It does not make me orange and it does not rub off onto clothing/sheets.”

Melayna Denmark
Happy Spray Tan Client

“Loved the color! A more natural look for my tan. Very professional atmosphere.”

Monica Cason
Happy Spray Tan Client

“I go about every 6 days and I have never looked better. I am hooked. It looks so natural and no laying in the hot sun . Highly recommended!”

Jennifer Lhotak
Happy Spray Tan Client

“My spray tan was very natural and no streaks! I got tons of compliments. The products are also amazing! Smell good and actually work! Totally recommend!”

Brittany Purvis

Empowering Women, One Tan at a Time

You Glow Girl

We are committed to providing the best spray tans in Brooklet, GA! Beettan has simplified the spray tanning process with a universal spray tan solution that suits all skin tones. We have removed the cosmetic bronzers so no staining, no mess, no barrier cream and NO ORANGE!

Using state-of-the-art spray tan equipment and Beettan tanning solution, you will leave your spray tan session with a natural looking, beautiful, streak-free, tan!

Say goodbye to the suns harmful rays, multiple color confusing shades, staining, barrier creams, ORANGE and streaking results and say HELLO to Beettan!

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Beettan’s natural self-tanning products are designed to provide hydration, skin nutrition, and gradual color to achieve a natural tan for all skin types. AND are safe to use on your face!

Beettan is designed with you in mind. No smearing, streaking, smudging. Just an amazing tropical scent.

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Ready. Set. Glow!

Why BeetTan Sunless Products, you ask? Good question!! At Beettan, we choose to source the finest naturally derived ingredients to create products you can be confident are highest quality, brought to you at peak freshness + a better value than you can find anywhere else!



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Anti-aging Products to Emphasize Your Natural Beauty


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