Spray Tan Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I prep for a spray tan
How do I prep for a spray tan?
  • Shave and exfoliate the night or morning before your spray tan session, but not within two hours of your session.
  • Avoid products with oil, alcohol and parabens.
  • We suggest prepping with our beetit buffing sugar. our buffing sugar is an oil free dry exfoliant and is high in vitamin c so it’s a great way to prep!
  • No lotion within the two hours of tanning, but is ok to use after you exfoliate and shave.
    • We recommend our beetbutt blending butter, this has many uses such as aftercare moisturizer and used to blend our self tanner on the hands and feet.
How long will my spray tan last
How long will my spray tan last?
  • Its skin! Should last 7-10 days.
  • Hydration is key! The sugar from the beet reacts with your amino acids and turns you skin dark (about 10 layers deep on the outer epidermis).
  • Prepping skin is also key.
  • We suggest using our booster lotion to maintain the tan and keep it lasting!
  • The booster can keep your skin lasting up to 14 days! Just apply the booster once you notice areas fading.
  • It is also safe to lightly exfoliate while your tan… this removes uneven fading and the booster will bring that tan back to life and keep it glowing.
  • The skin on the face tends to fade the fastest bc of washing it with skin care products so you will want to apply our self-tanner (plant based/safe for face) to your daily skin care routine to keep that face glowing!
  • All beettan products were made to work together to keep you tan all year long!
How long do I wait to shower after spray tan
How long do I wait to shower?
  • 8-12 hours. Do not exede 24 hours.
  • The longer you leave it on the darker it gets.
  • Beettan is wearable and does not stink or stain so you can function and go about your day after your spray tan session.
  • We suggest letting it fully develop the 12 hours, but if you need to shower sooner then 8 hours is fine.
  • We have a rapid solution if you need to shower within 4-6 hours, but for best results let the solution and the science happen!
  • Because our solution is so easy to wear, we suggest the full 12 hours!
  • No stains because we have no artificial bronzers. Your white sheets are safe with Beettan!
What do I wear while tanning
What do I wear while tanning?
  • Think about tan lines…. Where or don’t wear what you choose based on your comfort level.
  • All Beettan Spray Tan gals are trained, certified pro’s who will make you feel comfortable.
  • Our sessions only take about 5 minutes, so its quick and painless.
  • We do not make it weird! Our solution and equipment is state of the art so no touching required. No barrier cream needed and you can get dressed immediately!
What do I wear after tanning
What do I wear after tanning?
  • Something comfortable. Beettan won’t stain your clothing but it is aloe based so nothing to tight. The aloe is super moisturizing and really is an important ingredient in the spray tan solution but can make you feel like your tan is wet… but it’s not just get dressed and go as soon as your session is finished. Tight jeans and sports bras are not recommended.
What do I do if my tan rubs off or gets wet while developing?
  • Don’t panic!!!!
  • If you get wet pat dry (do not rub or wipe) then take a makeup sponge and dap the area that got wet and around. This will help fix splotching.
  • If the spot is still lighter once you have reached development and showered then call your beettan gal for a free touch up or apply a light layer of our booster lotion to the area.
  • If you rub off its ok! Just dab the area with a makeup sponge and let it fully develop. Chances are it will turn out fine.
  • Beettan is aloe based and the active ingredient will usually still develop evenly even if the color guide moves around some. The color guide will rinse off and you will be left with an even tan.
What are the spray tan solution ingredients
What are the solution ingredients?
  • Naturally derived dha (sugar-beet)
    • 100% vegan (approved by the peta foundation)
    • Made with organic and naturally derived ingredients
    • Paraben-free, erythrulose free
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf extract,green tea extract,dha (organic-sugar beets), ethoxydiglycol, cetearyl isononanoate,glyceryl stearate, glycerin, ceteareth-12, cetyl palmitate, cocoa, walnut extract (walnut husk),tocopherol, vitamin e, retinyl palmitate(vitamin a),vitamin c.