spray tan Statesboro, GA

Beettan Babe Spotlight | Statesboro, Georgia

Suzanne Brinson became a certified Beettan Babe in April 2020 and is located in Statesboro, Georgia.

Meet Suzanne Brinson of The Bronzed Beet in Statesboro, GA! Before BeetTan, Suzanne was always leery of Spray Tans because she was afraid of the unnatural shades other brands often provide. Suzanne did her research and stumbled across BeetTan. She was intrigued with the organic ingredients which promised a natural, healthy glow. She booked with Michelle, it was literally love at first tan, and the rest is history! I’m not sure who got luckier that day – Suzanne or Michelle!

Michelle often raves about Suzanne’s kindness, leadership, and endless support {not only to her} but the entire BeetTan family! “She’s extremely loyal, supportive, and overall the role model and mentor I suggest to BeetTan Babes that are just starting out!” said Michelle.

Not only is Suzanne our Spotlight for April, but she has also been with BeetTan for a full year! Happy BeetTan Anni, Suzanne! You are so loved and appreciated more than you know!

It’s no surprise that we’ve been living in really strange times lately. I asked Suzanne what she’s learned from it so far and her responses were just as spectacular as she is!


I am a planner and like things to go my way, but I’ve learned in the past few weeks that plans can change instantly and life happens. I’m learning to embrace it and lean on Jesus!”, she said. “Also, if you’re feeling down, do something good for someone else – it really lifts your spirits!”, she added.

Suzanne’s favorite quote came right from her grandfather and she finds herself living by these wise words : “If you think you can, you can.” – Bob Ward. We can’t even explain how much we love this!

Suzanne described BeetTan as “a healthy, beautiful, confidence booster”, which really only scratches the surface of the ways we could describe this incredible woman. Keep being you, Suzanne! Your light shines bright and you bring warmth and kindness everywhere you go!

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