Ladies Of Liberty


When Michelle Peth’s younger sister experienced some scary skin cancer issues (don’t worry – she’s OK!), Peth made it her mission to create a natural product that would give people a sun-kissed look without any sun damage. Her organic spray tan company, BeetTan, spotlights a not-so-secret ingredient: beets.

When Peth first began her business, “people around Savannah called me ‘the little spray tan girl,’” adding, “I think they still do, actually.” But the moniker belies Peth’s prowess: She’s also a realtor with Vantosh Realty Group, working under managing broker Beth Vantosh, who is responsible for the Drayton Tower listings. “I enjoy the way [Beth] curates business, and I respect her as a woman in this business. And knowing that I’m a woman in business, she comes to me, like, ‘Hey, I know you know all these other women,” Peth says. The result? Six other women opened spots in the building.

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