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MadGlow Co is a natural sunless tanning company offering spray tans and sunless tanning products in Jefferson, GA. Terina and Madison are co-owners and are proud that they took the chance and started this side hustle. They love what they do and feel so blessed and grateful to God, all their clients, and women of other local businesses that have supported them.

Fun facts about the owners Terina and Madison

  • If I were a crayon: I would definitely be PInk…duh!
  • What is the best part of my job? Having the spray tan business with Beettan is a second business for me. I also have an online boutique…brookeandfaith.com…both involve “People” so that is my favorite part. In both  industries I get the privilege to work with people by giving them an organic glow of color and by providing stylish-affordable clothes to look and feel their best!
  • What motivates me? L.I.F.E. to wake up and still be above ground…and say to myself get up…you have another day to grind and hustle!
  • Who inspires you the most! Jesus! Start off everyday in the word/devotional and make it a beautiful day!
  • If I were a crayon: Purple
  • The name of my autobiography: Me, Me and me some more! haha
  • Advice of someone joining Beettan: Follow a leader….doesn’t everyone want to be their own boss!
  • 3 traits about me: Fun! Loyal! oh did I say FUN?

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