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The Beet Goes On Podcast with Reyshan Parker

The Beet Goes On Podcast with Michelle Peth is proud to bring you a new episode featuring Reyshan Parker, a filmmaker and host of the Beyond the Check TV Series and Podcast. Join Michelle as she sits down with Reyshan to talk about misadventures in the kitchen and the hilarious stories that come with it. They also share their thoughts on the popular fast-food chain Sonic and why it falls short of expectations. Together, they offer tips and tricks on how to stay calm and balanced as a business owner, ensuring you don’t get caught up in the stress and pressure of running a business. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking for inspiration, guidance, and a good laugh. Join Michelle and Reyshan as they explore the world of business and share their stories and tips for success. Don’t miss out on this episode of The Beet Goes On Podcast, as Michelle and company help you start your journey towards a balanced life today.

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