Frederika Feketé tips for building a successful business

Sustainable Business Insights & Lessons Learned from Java Burrito Founder

Are you looking to build a sustainable business with a positive impact? Join Michelle Peth on “The Beet Goes On” as she welcomes back Frederika Feketé, the visionary founder of Java Burrito. In this inspiring conversation, Frederika shares her journey, both successes and valuable lessons learned, offering practical tips and encouragement for budding entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, and anyone passionate about sustainability and community impact. Don’t miss this episode packed with wisdom, inspiration, and actionable insights!

Join host Michelle Peth for a captivating conversation with Frederika Feketé, the visionary behind Java Burrito, a haven for farm-to-table food and community impact.

This episode is a treasure trove for:

  • Budding entrepreneurs: Learn from Frederika’s journey and actionable tips for building a successful sustainable business.
  • Seasoned business owners: Discover valuable insights and strategies to enhance your existing practices.
  • Sustainability enthusiasts: Get inspired by Java Burrito’s commitment to ethical sourcing and community involvement.


  • Insights on balancing success and sustainability
  • Overcoming challenges in the food industry
  • Practical tips for building a thriving community-driven business
  • Encouragement and wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs

Tune in and grow your passion for sustainable business with “The Beet Goes On”!

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