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Color, Joy, and Creativity with Guest Emily McCarthy – The Beet Goes On Podcast

Color, Joy, and Creativity with Guest Emily McCarthy this Monday!
The Beet Goes On Podcast with Michelle Peth is excited to present a new episode featuring Emily McCarthy, a designer, and believer in living life colorfully. Join Michelle as she sits down with Emily to talk about her journey to success and how she turned her passion for prints and patterns into a thriving design business. Emily shares her philosophy on the power of dressing up and the impact it can have on our confidence and overall well-being. She also draws inspiration from the world of home interiors, using fabrics and wall coverings to create beautiful prints for her designs. In this episode, Emily and Michelle discuss a range of topics, from fighting with clothing racks to navigating social media platforms and being the best version of themselves. Emily’s upbeat and optimistic outlook on life is truly infectious and inspiring, making this a must-listen episode for anyone looking to add a little more joy and color to their lives. Join Michelle and Emily on The Beet Goes On and discover how to live your life to the fullest, one bright and beautiful day at a time.

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