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The Beet Goes On Dancing With The Stars of Coastal Georgia

Welcome to the latest episode of “The Beet Goes On” podcast, where host Michelle Peth shares her inspiring journey of training for the “Dancing with the Stars of Coastal Georgia” fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association.

In this episode, Michelle gives us an update on her rigorous training routine and how she’s preparing to showcase her dancing skills on the big night. But her motivation goes beyond just performing well in the competition. Michelle opens up about her recent discovery that many people in her life are being affected by Alzheimer’s disease, and how this has become a driving force for her in this journey.

Despite the challenges of balancing her training with her busy schedule, Michelle remains upbeat and dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. She reminds us that every donation counts, and encourages listeners to visit the Association’s website to learn more about the disease and how they can help here.

As the event approaches on May 20th, Michelle’s determination and passion for the cause are sure to inspire us all. So join us for this uplifting episode of “The Beet Goes On” and let’s dance to “beet” Alzheimer’s together!

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