spray tan Flower Mound, TX
Spray tans in Flower Mound, TX by Beettan Certified Partner Marcella Wallace.
Where are you from… 
Oregon, but now a Proud Texan
Tell us your Beettan Story…
Where I am from: Oregon, but now a Proud Texan
My Beettan Story: While visiting family in Idaho I had the pleasure of receiving a Beettan Spray Tan from Tara. I was hesitant at first because I am pale and in the past the tan has looked orange-y, fake, and the fade is not fantastic. But my family insisted and so I gave in and got my Beettan. It was fantastic!!! Not only did it look amazing but it dried quickly. It didn’t leave any marks on the white sheets I was sleeping on. I absolutely loved it.
Upon arriving home in Texas I looked up the company to locate a local gal to schedule with and was surprised that there was not one in the Dallas area. That spurred me into action and I decided to start my own Beettan Spray Tan to serve the ladies of Dallas, Texas! If you are interested in looking absolutely fabulous and not fake than I am your gal!

Fun Facts!

Most helpful piece of advice…

Life is not always fair. The sooner you learn that, the easier that life gets.

What motivates you? 

Family and Travel. Providing for my family and providing fun experiences for us.

Who is your Spirit Animal? 

A Loving Spider Monkey

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