spray tan Valdosta, GA
Meet the Owner, Leslee
My Beettan Story:

Hello! My name is Leslee Castaneda, born and raised in South Georgia, currently in Valdosta, GA. I came across Beettan via social media on a post by an old friend from college. I read up on the company, watched tons of videos, and had a Beettan spray tan done at the nearest location to me…AND I WAS HOOKED!

Fun Facts!

  • Who would you most like to switch places with for a day? My husband. I would love to see myself thru his eyes.
  • What’s the best part of your job? #1) Meeting new people and building friendships. But in a close second is being my own boss!
  • What’s the most helpful piece of advice you’ve ever received? Don’t try to live up to other people’s expectations and timelines. Everyone is different, and we all live our lives at our own pace.

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