spray tan Lacey, WA

Hi my friends, I am Kristine the owner of Crafted Juice Spray Tan. I am a certified spray tan technician with Beettan. I have four amazing kids and a fun loving husband who all love to be spray tanned with this amazing organic solution.

I have put my heart and soul into providing in my clients with a beautiful, relaxing, and fun experience when I visit them. Being a Mobile  business has been such a fun adventure and I love getting to know my clients and making them feel comfortable. 

I was drawn to beettan because of its natural ingredients and how my skin looked and felt after being sprayed. My skin felt hydrated and was glowing !! There was no orange look, no odor, and had no cosmetic bronzer. 

I’m excited to provide a organic, non-toxic, sunless spray tan to you! I knew I had to share this with both men and women with all skin tones, and all body types. This solution is safe for all ages and for pregnant woman. I strive to make each client feel special and make each appointment as comfortable as possible. I’m so happy to offer a healthy sunless tan to you! 

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