spray tan Pooler, GA

I’m from Milledgeville, GA – you know, like in the movie Pretty Woman 😉, but moved to Pooler, GA almost two years ago after meeting my husband/best friend, Brian.

My beettan story…

I guess you could say I was born with a love for self care and beauty. I discovered 18 years ago that I feel my very best when I’m tan, and when I feel my best — I do my best!

Like many others my age, I am guilty of beginning my tanning obsession at 16 with a tanning bed. I spent YEARS in those awful things and laying in the sun. As I approached 30, I could literally see the damage I was causing my skin. That’s when I promised myself that I was done with tanning beds, done with harmful sun exposure, and finally made the smartest + healthiest beauty decision of my life by switching to SUNLESS TANNING exclusively!

My sunless journey has been a learning experience, to say the least. Over the years, I’ve tried nearly every self tanning and spray tanning product on the market — I’ve been stinky, streaky, blotchy, orange and other unnatural colors — you name the sunless tanning struggle, and I’ve had it! I’ve learned that not all products are created equally and just because I was using a “sunless” product, it didn’t necessarily mean that it was healthy. So many of these products are filled with ridiculous amounts of cosmetic additives and ingredients that are just not safe or healthy — at all. What you put on your skin truly matters so much!

After moving to the Savannah area, I finally discovered my passion for the healthy side of sunless alternatives, by being introduced to a local business in the area — BeetTan! I scheduled an appointment for a spray tan with the owner, Michelle, and was instantly obsessed! This boss babe built her crazy successful business over the past 17 years, perfected her craft by creating her own solution, created her own sunless tanners + countless other products, and even offered the opportunity for others to start their own business with these products and a fantastic business model, as well! Not to mention, these products are Vegan, PETA Approved, Paraben FREE, and 100% Organic!!🌱I honestly loved the spray tan results so much that I purchased the self tanner, then the skin perfecting lotion that firms, and well — you see where I’m going. I even ended up opening my own business and joined 50+ BeetTan Babes across the US because I genuinely love these products so much and love sharing them with others any chance I get!

I truly believe that a flawless, healthy tan truly makes women feel confident and empowered.🖤

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Teal! This charming color empowers people to think outside the box and embrace one another’s diversity. Teal also helps reshape the thought processes to shine a light on the importance of kindness and collaboration.”

If I won the lottery…

Wellllll, I’ve always wanted a nice little nip/tuck to mask my mummy tummy from having babies… But honestly, I’ve learned that money isn’t the key to happiness — so, my money would go to paying off my mamas debt — she busted her ass by working multiple jobs to ensure I always had the life I wanted + animal rescue foundations + save the children. These are the two charities that I’m hell bent and determined to always support any chance I get.”

My dream mentor would be…

Jackie O, of course! As First Lady of the United States, she was constantly in the public eye and became known for her superior taste and impeccable style that is still admired today. Looking beyond the surface, Jackie was a driven woman in her own right, making a career for herself before and following her marriages.”

What quote best describes you?

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

– Marilyn Monroe {is it an oxymoron to have Jackie O as my mentor + Marilyn for my quote, though😂?}

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