beettan spray tan certification

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new”—Antoine de Saint-Exupery

New ideas are often inspired by joy.

For Beettan founder Michelle Peth, the meaning of that can be taken literally: The formula for her innovative self-tanner was inspired by her little sister, Joy. 

After Joy experienced a skin cancer scare at 17, Michelle knew their days of laying out all summer on the beaches of coastal Georgia were over. The protective big sister began experimenting with ways to create a sun-kissed glow without harmful UV rays, drawing on her experience working behind the make-up counter at high-end department stores. But the only bronzers and tanning creams available left streaks and stains, and their lists of unpronounceable ingredients didn’t seem safe. And they smelled terrible.   

After settling on a natural option with a more pleasant scent, Michelle set out to perfect the application technique. She began her first spray tan business out of a hair salon in 2002, with hours that were convenient for the new single mom. As she built her clientele, she continued working with a beauty chemist to come up with a spray tan solution and then a sunless tanner that went on clear, didn’t clog pores, and took away the mystery of trying to match up skin tones—she wanted a single retail product that could work as well with olive skin as it did on paler strawberry blondes like Joy. 

That’s when she hit on the idea of beets. Powered by 100% beet-derived DHA, BEETTAN’s proprietary formula has been giving every shade of skin a safe, sweet-smelling glow without any bronzers or parabens since 2014. 

Along the way, Michelle and her team have added a retail line of exfoliators, moisturizers, and other products designed to maximize the skin’s tanning potential and keep it glowing longer—giving everyone the chance to feel confident about the skin they’re in. 

Joy is now 35, healthy and happy with a family of her own. Michelle continues to be inspired by her, as well by helping others: Coupled with the company’s application tutorials and licensing agreements, BEETTAN offers not only a safe, innovative product but a business opportunity—one with flexible hours, affordable buy-in, and personal support for every step of the process.

These days, Michelle finds joy in knowing there are BEETTAN practitioners all over the country, enjoying a natural-looking tan without endangering their skin. Still based in Savannah, GA, she still loves to go to the beach, of course—but she keeps her skin under wraps, knowing the glow she’s after is just a spray away.  

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