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Beettan Babe Spotlight | Lompoc, California

Heather Holland became a certified Beettan Babe in March 2021 and is located in Lompoc, California.

She was born and raised in IN and moved to Savannah in 2009, where she met Michelle while bar tending down town and fell in love with BEETTAN! She later moved to Lompoc, California and is so thankful to become part of the BEETTAN BABE community. She got her first spray tan from Michelle in early 2019 and has been in love with the products ever since. Moving away from bar tending and across the country – she was thrilled to find the business opportunity while ordering more products from the website last summer! Becoming a BEETTAN BABE was appealing to Heather then, but she was unable to afford signing up, due to COVID, but she is proud to have had the opportunity to pull the trigger on becoming BEETAN certified!!

What three traits define you?

Three traits that define me would be wisdom, bravery, and compassion. I am obsessed with Human Design (which is like astrology on crack) and being a projector, I was born with an innate wisdom and the ability to make people feel safe being vulnerable with me and accepting my guidance. I am courageous and face every obstacle with optimism, always looking for (and usually finding) the silver lining. I treat myself and others with compassion and grace, because we are all human and deserve that acceptance. 

Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?

January 3, 2020 – something extremely traumatic happened. I live on the west coast, Surf Beach specifically. Surf Beach is known for being the largest habitat/migration path for the Great White Shark, and also owns some GNARLY waves at any given time. My son found a log on the shore, away from the water, with a perfect sunset backdrop for a photo shoot. So we took advantage as he hopped on top of the log. After a few shots, I walked away from the log to get more of the sun in the frame, but when I turned my back for 5 seconds (NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN) and a rogue wave came in with high tide and took the log out from under my son and I immediately went into Supermom mode to make sure he was okay.He came out soaking wet, but unharmed. I wasn’t so lucky. This log had come from a pier, and was about 6 feet long. As I sunk into the sand to catch my son, the log rolled into my left shin with all the force of the Pacific and snapped my Tibia and Fibula in half. I army crawled to the dry sand and waited for the ambulance.I earned a rod drilled all the way from my knee to my ankle, with 7 supporting screws. I left the hospital with 40 stitches in my leg, unable to walk. Ironically, I was cleared to put weight on it on the day California was shut down and put on mandatory stay-at-home orders.Of course this was tragic, but throughout it all I learned to be more humble and mindful. The patience with myself and others grew tremendously and I am never taking standing, running, walking, or even jumping for granted again!! I spent a lot of time learning how to really love myself, scars and all. Also – having the “stay-at-home” mindset before the pandemic even hit helped me help so many other people with the guidance I was able to share.

What’s the most helpful piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The most helpful advice I have ever received is SELF-LOVEI think of self-love being so unique to each and every person, so learning how to really love myself and show my body, mind and soul the care they deserve has been priceless. Just knowing that I AM WORTHY exactly how I am, and that I am allowed to choose what makes me happy/ier. 

If you won the lottery…

If I won the lottery, I would repurpose a school bus and travel wherever it would take me. I would create a community with all my soul fam to garden, live, love together. Just having the money to bring the ones I love together would make me the happiest.

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