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Jennifer Simmons

My Beettan Story:
My name is Jennifer Simmons and I grew up in a small town called St. James, Missouri. I am married to my college sweetheart. I am a mother of two boys I lovingly refer to as my man-children. I have a cute fluff puff dog named Hailey.
I chose to become a partner with Beettan because I want to reinforce the importance of self care and teach others how to make it a priority one spray tan at a time.
I want each person who comes for their spray tan to leave feeling valued, cared for, and encouraged to take the very best care of themselves. We have so many micro moments in a day in which we can do little things to improve our physical and mental health. A spray tan takes all of 5 minutes but can have a lasting impact on how you feel.
Fun Facts!
  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be? If I were a crayon I’d be the color yellow.
  • My favorite quote that best represents me: “Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” – MARCUS AURELIUS
  • What three traits define you? My sense of humor, my resilience, and my courage to be authentically me.
  • What would you name the autobiography of your life? When it rains it pours.
  • Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best? When my younger son Hunter was born he had seizures the first night in the nursery. At the age of 8 months, he was given a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. When you’re presented with a diagnosis early on for your child you don’t know what to expect. I knew that he wasn’t reaching milestones like his older brother but I had no idea what such a diagnosis would entail. It didn’t help that doctors said that he will never walk or talk. There was a lot of focus by the medical professionals on what he couldn’t do. Early on as his mother, I chose to focus on what he could do. He would light up any room he was in and if you were in his presence you felt love emanating from every cute dimple on his face. Through many surgeries and multiple seizures, he fought hard. He loved music and taught me to appreciate what most of us take for granted. The small everyday mundane things that often go unnoticed I learned to appreciate because of his influence. He had to wait on everyone to get him out of bed or bathe him and he was always so very patient and sweet. He taught me to appreciate that I could get out of bed by myself. He taught me to value my voice and the fact that I could ask for what I wanted. Although he was unable to talk he spoke volumes with his expressions and the way he laughed and smiled. I learned to be his advocate and he reinforced my gratitude on a daily basis that God chose me to be his mother. He was truly my sunshine on many cloudy days. I was given 21 years to love him and care for him. He passed way on March 7, 2022. This brings me to the last experience that has made me a much stronger person. Losing a child is inexplicably painful and not something you’re ever prepared for. I am dipping my toes in the murky waters of grief and doing my best, to be honest with myself and with others about how hard this is. I’m taking each day as it comes and incredibly grateful that one of the lessons my son taught me was the importance of self-care. I learned early on as his mama the importance of filling my own cup. Motherhood and working full time is hard. Mama’s can’t pour from an empty cup. I have made it one of my missions in life to love, support, and encourage all parents to do what they need to do to take the very best care of themselves. As a licensed therapist I love helping people to uncover their own strengths and discovering how to integrate self care into their daily living. I have made it my life’s mission to honor my son by being the sunshine for other people.
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Beettan by Jennifer is a natural sunless tanning company offering spray tans and sunless tanning products. We use Beettan, a plant-based sunless tanning solution powered by the most beautiful of root vegetables, the beet. The sugar from the beet extract reacts with your skin to bring out the color your skin would naturally tan in the sun.

Combined with other enriching natural ingredients, our DHA beet extract infuses the top 10-12 layers of your skin and activates your natural color. The result is a bronzed, healthy glow without the harmful side effects!

“I love Beettan. It does not make me orange and it does not rub off onto clothing/sheets.”

Melayna Denmark
Happy Spray Tan Client

“Loved the color! A more natural look for my tan. Very professional atmosphere.”

Monica Cason
Happy Spray Tan Client

“I go about every 6 days and I have never looked better. I am hooked. It looks so natural and no laying in the hot sun . Highly recommended!”

Jennifer Lhotak
Happy Spray Tan Client

“My spray tan was very natural and no streaks! I got tons of compliments. The products are also amazing! Smell good and actually work! Totally recommend!”

Brittany Purvis

Empowering Women One Tan at a Time

You Glow Girl

We are committed to providing the best spray tans in Rolla/St. Robert/Waynesville area in Missouri! Beettan has simplified the spray tanning process with a universal spray tan solution that suits all skin tones. We have removed the cosmetic bronzers so no staining, no mess, no barrier cream and NO ORANGE!

Using state-of-the-art spray tan equipment and Beettan tanning solution, you will leave your spray tan session with a natural looking, beautiful, streak-free, tan!

Say goodbye to the suns harmful rays, multiple color confusing shades, staining, barrier creams, ORANGE and streaking results and say HELLO to Beettan!

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Ready. Set. Glow!

Why BeetTan Sunless Products, you ask? Good question!! At Beettan, we choose to source the finest naturally derived ingredients to create products you can be confident are highest quality, brought to you at peak freshness + a better value than you can find anywhere else!



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Beettan’s natural self-tanning products are designed to provide hydration, skin nutrition, and gradual color to achieve a natural tan for all skin types. AND are safe to use on your face!

Beettan is designed with you in mind. No smearing, streaking, smudging. Just an amazing tropical scent.

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