spray tans Claxton, GA


My Beettan Story:

Hey y’all, my name is Kasey Hendrix I live a busy life being a mama to two kiddos, a wife, and a K-4 teacher in Claxton GA. I love the sun and I hated anything to do with self-tanner.. In February 2021 I had a spot on my back that was melanoma and I would need to see a surgical oncologist to see if it had spread into lymph nodes needless to say I did have five lymph nodes that had to be removed, but no cancer had spread Thank the Lord!! So my days of being out in the sun were over unless I covered myself in sunscreen! So I begin to search for something that would give me the color that I needed because we all know tan fat is so much better than white fat! I came across Beettan on the Internet started searching and found Mychelle and read her story and knew this was for me! So I ordered self-tanning lotion the tanning booster and tanning water and got hooked love the way it looks on me and smells! Can’t wait to help others with Beettan!! And did I mention the best part I’m mobile as well!??

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