My Beettan Story:
Hi, I’m Dana! I’m originally from central Missouri, but now live in Northwest Arkansas with my husband. We have two adult children and one teen still at home. I’m excited to offer BeetTan to the area!
Fun Facts!
  • If I were a crayon, I’d be one of those twist up kind that changes colors as you use it. I’ll let you read whatever kind of personality quirks you can think of into that!?
  • If I could switch places with someone for a day, it would have to be my husband. I’m curious how our day-to-day life seems from his perspective. ❤️
  • If I won the lottery, I’d probably live outside of town and have a lot more pets. ? Plus, I’d travel–lots and lots of traveling. This past year has been a year of loss for my extended family and I’ve learned that we can hang in, hold on and make it through. It’s important to celebrate the big things AND the little things with your friends and family. Surrounding myself with people that I love and that make me a better person is time well spent. ☀️

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