Panama City spray tans


My Beettan Story:

Originally from Fayetteville, Georgia now living in Panama City Beach, Florida.

I have a very olive complexion but have a large family history of skin cancer so for the past 5 years I have made certain to stay out of the sun. I am also very very careful about any product that touches my skin and only use non-toxic beauty products. When I found Beettan and inspected it’s ingredients, I knew I had to try it! Not only can I now look bronzed, but I can do it with peace of mind knowing that the ingredients in Beettan are safe, even GOOD for my skin!


Fun Facts!
  • If I were a crayon, I would be a pink crayon. For me, pink is fun and playful and feminine. I would like to think of myself  as all of those things.
    Three traits that describe me would be resilient, genuine, and loyal.
  • What motivates me is my daughter… she looks up to me and emulates everything I do and I want to make her proud and set a good example for her.
  • The top of my bucket list is to travel to Italy and take my kids to Bora Bora for vacation.
  • The last experience that made me a stronger person is having lost my Dad this past January and my grandmother (and best friend) last August. It’s made me stronger because I have to be strong for my daughter and show her that life is often tough but we are tougher.
  • If I won the lottery I would build a house right on the water here in PCB and a house in Savannah, GA on Isle of Hope where my family is from.


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