spray tan athens ga

Brooke is from Statesboro and currently lives in Watkinsville, GA. She has been spray tanning the Athens area for over a year and loves meeting women from all walks of life and helping them feel beautiful!

My Beettan Story..

I have very fair skin and have always loved getting spray tans. I debated buying a small machine to do them on myself, but didn’t know where to start. The Bronzed Beet in Statesboro followed my Instagram account one day and once I looked into her business, I realized I could start a Beettan of my own. A few weeks later I was training in Savannah and the rest is history! I have been open for a year and four months and have learned so much about spray tans and running a business along the way.

Helpful Advice:

My dad used to tell me growing up “proper planning prevents poor performance” and I use this daily in business and life. I don’t like anything to catch me off guard so I try to prepare in advance so I’m not scrambling at the last minute. Why put off tomorrow what you can get done today?

The best part of my job is: 

Meeting women from all walks of life and helping them feel beautiful. I love getting to know them and always have the best conversations with my customers. I hope they feel comfortable when they leave the appointment and know that I appreciate their business and want them to love their spray tan.

Dream Mentor: 

Sara Blakely- she is a wonderful wife and mother while also running a very successful business with a smile on her face. She is charitable, fashionable, funny, and a great example of hard work and dedication.

Advice for someone just joining Beettan:

Put yourself out there and find new and unique opportunities for exposure. Find influential people in your area and offer them a tan. Word of mouth is king and if you can get a few people to fall in love, it will be a snowball effect. It takes time, effort, and being consistent but success will come. Also, use photos of real people you have tanned- all ages and body types. Ask customers to send you real content because that is how others are convinced, when they can envision themself in the photo glowing with your tan.

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